Review : Ancient Light by John Banville

In all honesty I am struggling to write this review.  A little like the book, I struggled to get into it.  I again will be honest I did not finish it, I gave it a good go I got about a third of the way through and then had to stop.  I just could not get into it. 

Whilst the book is beautifully written, I struggled with the poetic feel to the writing.  I am not one for reading poetry so maybe this is why.  I found a lot of the sentences rather over descriptive which hindered me to use my own imagination in picturing and becoming part of the story.  This is my personal preference on stories, I like to use some of my imagination but this book did not leave me to do this.

I also struggled with following the story as the author flits between present day and his memories.  I have to stop and start a book as am looking after the girls or in between meetings or reading on breaks which means I do not get time to sit down and read a book all in one go.  I therefore need to be able to pick up the story where I left off and also be able to stop and start as I choose.  This is why  I much prefer a book with more of a flow, as it allows me to do this.  

I tried to get into this book but found it hard to read, it reminded me of one of those books you have to read at school and not one I would pick up myself.  Not one for me personally but others may enjoy it.  This book was sent as part of the Britmums Book club, find out what others thought here.  

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