speed bumps

I picked the girls up from nursery and my eldest promptly declared that we had to go to the farm.  I could not say no, with the beautiful weather and it not yet school holidays I thought it would be a lovely way to spend the evening with the girls.

The farm had a 1 day old calf, which was still wobbly on the legs and very cute.

calfMummy and baby

Many of the animals were lying down with the heat, a friendly cow stopped to take a look at BOB.

bob cow cow bob

The girls had a lot of fun running around the play ground.  It was very quiet without anyone else in the park, the girls had their own private playground to explore.

see saw

youngest down slideeldest down slide

climb the towerover the bridge

After all the running around the best place to cool down was in the indoor small animal shelter.  There were lots of signs to say pregnant sows, all lying down to keep cool.  

guinea pig

On the way out of the farm I bought the girls an ice cream each.  By the time we got to the car there was still some left so I strapped them in and set off.  I had to drive over quite a few speed bumps and every time I did my eldest would shout, 'stop it Mummy, be careful I am freezing'.  What I forgot was that she was eating her ice cream, yes silly Mummy.  Every time I went over a bump she placed the ice cream on her face and eventually the ice cream came off.  Its a good job the car seat covers are washable!

ice cream on car seat

When we got home and stopped the car, she looked at me smiled and said 'again Mummy' when I asked what she wanted to do again, thinking I would get the answer the farm, the answer was 'those bumps Mummy'.

This day I love speed bumps

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