the bargain find that's love at first sight

My daughter loves riding her bike.  A few months ago we were given a lovely red bike from Galt toys, which my eldest daughter simply adores.  This is a balance bike and is beautiful metallic red.  Sometimes my daughter will ask for her other bike, the one with pedals and I have had to keep saying no.  

For my eldest 1st Birthday we bought her a Smart Trike , her face lit up when she saw it.  She loved it.  She had been on it less than 5 minutes when we noticed the pedal had fallen off.  Try as hard as we could we could not get it back on.  The actual inside of the pedal is broken, shortly after the other fell off too.  Which left the bike with two metal poles sticking out the side where the pedals should have been.

Smart Trike  kindly sent us a washer to try and attach the pedal onto the metal poles, but its the actual inside of the pedal that is broken and so we need a new pedal unit.  I came across a Smart Trike in the local charity shop today, so I had to pull over to investigate.  At £4.99 I thought it was an absolute bargain and figured for that price it was worth a shot at fixing our current Smart Trike.

The thing I did not count on, and perhaps rather naively, was my eldest coming home from nursery and discovering the bike.  At which point she runs over to me gives me the biggest hug and says 'Thank you Mummy I love my new bike'.  Slight problem as now I cant dismantle it to fix the original bike.  The good news is though that my eldest adores her 'new'/old bike.  I have not yet managed to get her off it and she is riding around the house on it.  My youngest has also took a shine to the bikes, I had better source some new pedals.

the bikesin love with their Smart Trikes

This day I love the bargain find that's love at first sight. 

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