finding the rainbow

The girls and I love exploring outdoors to see what we can find.  I have thought about giving her a list of things to find but at the moment she is still a little too young, instead we play the rainbow game.  My daughter knows the colours of the rainbow, she can both sing and sign the song, and loves the fun of exploring whilst out.  

The game is simple whilst out try and find something in nature to match each of the colours of the rainbow.  It is great because it gets children looking and exploring nature and even young children can play, as there is no need to read or match pictures.


We found some red berries high up in the tree which my eldest pointed out and some bright red leaves on our Acer tree

red acer leavesred berries in the tree


We also found a bee and some buttercups.  We managed to find quite a lot of yellow today.

yellow flowers


We searched high and low for something pink but could not find anything.  We even dug holes to find worms but to no luck.  We will look this weekend for something pink.

out searching for something pink


My eldest found a green fly.  She loves picking up bugs and creepy crawlies at the moment.  Taking a photo of a green fly with your phone whilst your eldest wants to play with the green fly is rather tricky.

holding a green fly


My eldest pointed this out, she was fascinated by the shape.  I had to explain not to touch.

purple thistle

Orange and Blue

The orange sand and the blue of the lake was just to beautiful an opportunity to pass up.  Our dog loved swimming in the lake whilst my eldest played in the sand.  

playing in the sand

The rainbow game is a great way to introduce colours and to get children looking and exploring whilst out and about.  When she is older I could be very specific like find plants and flowers or animals but at the moment its things whilst we are out.  We also don't do the colours in order at the moment as this would make the game harder too.  It is a lot of fun and my eldest enjoys the search and fun of finding the colours.

This day I love finding the rainbow

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  1. This is a beautiful post. If you have any posts about family days out you'd like to share, I'd love you to join in with my Family Days Linky over at Mums do travel. It's all about sharing inspiration for family days out.

  2. I love the idea of the rainbow game, as you say a perfect way to help them learn and explore in a fun way. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  3. This is a great idea! Must give it a wee man loves exploring and would love I am sure to hunt for his colours...having fun, learning and being outdoors...BONUS!

  4. its always good to find the rainbow


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