Dinosaurs, Rainbows and goodnight kisses

We love books.  I love nothing more than sitting all cuddled up with my girls looking/reading a book together.  It is such a great way to spend time together and bond with the girls.  My eldest has always loved picking up a book and bringing it to me, from the time she figured out how to move and carry and now my youngest is following suit.

At Britmums Live I met with Parragon Books.  They kindly gave me three books to review and share with my daughters.

My youngest was given a hard back book, 'Peek a boo Rainbow'.  The lovely rainbow at the top acts as a little handle which my daughter carries the book around with.  It is a really lovely book to teach young children colours.  Each page looks at a different colour and features lovely stories and illustration.  The illustrations are wonderful for my daughter, who is 1, as they are a nice soft warming colour and the pages are not too busy for her.  She loves to put her fingers in the little peek a boo holes and point at the different pictures on the page.  

looking through peek a boo rainbowpeek a boo rainbow

enjoying peek a boo rainbow

My eldest really loves dragons and dinosaurs, it was great that her book from Parragon was all about Dinosaurs or rather 'Things you never knew about dinosaurs' by Giles Paley-Phillips.  The colours are really bright and bold which make them very eye catching and the amount of text on each page is pitched just right for reading to her, she is almost 3.  She loves to pick the book up and flick through all of the pages and make dinosaur sounds as she goes.  It really has captured her imagination.  

reading all about dinosaursdinosaurs and you

looking at dinosaur book

Goodnight Little one by Margaret Wise Brown is now one of our bed time books.  We find the book very calming and peaceful and the illustrations reflect this with there dream like manor.  The relaxing story asks each animal in turn to close their eyes before asking the little child at the end.  I like the tone and feel to the story how it relaxes before bed.  A really lovely bed time read.

Goodnight little one

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