The BIG mend

At the end of May I revealed the BIG project.  After cleaning all the play house and play equipment June has been spent doing repair work.  This has taken a lot longer than expected.  Mainly due to the intermittent weather but also for unseen circumstances.  

Our first job was sanding.  We wanted to sand the climbing frame to make sure the surfaces are smooth to remove any 'splinter' related injuries to the children.  My eldest wanted to help.  She started looking for places that needed sanding

assessing the site

She then started sanding.  

Sanding down

The original idea behind the project was to get the girls involved at the different stages so that they had more of a sense of achievement and an understanding of what had been done.

After the climbing frame we turned our attention to the play house.  This needed a lot more work.  The roof needed replacing.

extent of the damgedamaged roof

 A new wooden fascia was needed on both the front and rear of the house, as well as the wooden diamond decal at the top.

missing fascia

I was unsure what roof to buy or where to get it from having never done this before.  I had to do it at a point that my youngest was asleep and there was no chance of rain, as I did not want to get wet.  I searched the Internet and free ads for some time and then we found some felt in my Dads garage.

I took on the challenge of roofing the play house, and whilst I don't think I should give up my day job, I also don't think I did too bad a job.

roof fixedre roofed

I repaired the fascias, but unfortunately have not yet managed to find a diamond decal for the apex.

ready to paint

After all the repair works, it was time for my favourite part and that is painting.  

Farrow & Ball have very kindly provided the paints for this part of the project.  I have to say with all the beautiful colours it was a very tough choice picking the ones we did.  We went for Elephants breath and Mouses Back in Exterior eggshell.  I just love the names!

farrow and ball

I would describe the paint as smooth and creamy.  It went on really well and everything only needed one coat.  This was a great pleasant surprise and a real time saver especially when having to paint between daughters naps.  The paint dried very quickly which was also great when my eldest wanted to play in the play house whilst I was painting.  I also loved that I could wash the paint off my daughters hands with baby wipes and water.  Fantastic as she has sensitive skin.

I still have the main poles to paint, which will be the same colour as the house.  I also need to paint the door but not sure which colour to choose, would love to know your thoughts?

almost finished painted play house

I am really hoping this weekend stays nice so that I can finish painting the play house and the bridge, and then make a start on the climbing frame.  Since painting the playhouse both my husband and I keep stopping and looking out the window at it.  We cannot believe how different it looks.  It just goes to show how good quality paint can really transform and restore a 12 year old previously unloved playhouse, to a much loved and treasured play house that is going to grow with my girls for a good few years to come.

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  1. The playhouse looks so pretty, love the paints. Well done on the roofing job. I really need to get something like this for the bots

  2. What a difference a coat of paint can make! It looks great!

  3. That playhouse is fab!!! It's looking great!! My girls would love that...

  4. How cute! Can you go with a bright primary color for the door? In part it depends on what color your own house is!

  5. Looks very gorgeous play house my little brother much like this playing houses...


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