Win a limited edition print with thanks to art finder

I am not the kind of person who knows much about art.  I could not tell you who the latest or upcoming artist is, but what I do like is artwork.  I love to look at images and work out the story behind them.  A piece of art can transform a room.  I have pictures of the girls smiling and playing in our play room as a way to brighten the room and make it a happy fun place to be.  

I feel intimidated walking into galleries as I do not know enough about art and am a little too shy to ask.  I came across Artfinder at Britmums live.  What I like about them is they give me the opportunity to buy affordable and original art any time of the day or night.  

art finder

The Art on Artfinder is chosen by a team of experts that carefully look through each application.  Working closely with galleries and bringing new talent to our attention.  They regularly update with around 100 new pieces of art work added each day.   Limited edition prints start at £15 and oil canvas from £75.  Artfinder are making art affordable.

Artfinder are offering 1 winner a limited edition print by Brighton based illustrator, Jason Munro.  The print has been specially created by Jason for Britmums Live attendees and so it is not for sale anywhere else.  The limited edition print measures 35cmx35cm and comes unframed and mounted onto thick card.  The value of the limited edition print is £40.

Jason Munro Cats

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