big girls bed

Back on week 27 we went shopping for a bed for my eldest.  The bed has now arrived and I put it together for my eldest.  Whilst its not the racing car bed she had wanted, she absolutely loves it.  All evening she has asked me when she can go to bed, it still took forever to get her to go to sleep.

She has told everyone about her new bed, the people we passed when walking the dog, people at nursery and her Dad.  I think she is very happy.  Her old toddler bed is still in her room as my youngest will use this.  At the moment the novelty of getting in and out a bed makes bed time too difficult to put my youngest in a toddler bed, but it wont be long.

I love how happy the new bed has made my eldest and love how my youngest is becoming more inquisitive.

girls in bed

This Day I love big girls bed

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