Review : Neals Yard Organic

The lovely Cate at Neals Yard Organics sent me a wonderful goodie bag, packed full of samples.  I have tried and tested and am loving the range I was sent.  I opened the package and was immediately impressed by the beautiful fragrance coming from the packet.  I could not wait to try.

Neals Yard Samples

Frankincense Hydrating cream, Facial Serum and Refining Cleanser

The cleanser is suitable for all skin types, which is great for me as I can sometimes have allergic reactions to certain skin products.  I loved the feel of my skin after using the cleanser, how it gave the clean 'tingle'.  I see this as a good sign that something is working and doing what it is supposed to do, cleansing and rejuvenating my skin.  

The Facial serum is designed to firm and give a radiance boost as well as be anti ageing.  Whilst I cannot comment if this is true, as I was only given a small sample to try, what I can say was that both the Serum and the Hydrating cream did leave my face feeling cleansed and hydrated.

Re hydrating Rose facial Polish

I love this product, it smells lovely and really left my skin feeling moisturised without feeling too greasy.  I could feel the gentle exfoliation which left my skin feeling smooth and I felt it help restore some of the moisture in my skin

Beauty Sleep Concentrate

As the name would suggest you apply this at night time and it is suitable for all skin times.  It is designed to work with your skins night time recovery and claims to increase skins moisture levels by up to 98% in 12 hours.  I liked how simple this product was to use, I could add it into my night time routine and forget about it.  In the morning my skin would feel moisturised, which has been great particularly on these hot nights.  

Wild Rose Hand Cream

This is by far my favourite of the samples I have been sent.  I suffer quite a bit with dry skin on my hands.  I think its because they are always in the elements and I am constantly working.  Be it entertaining the kids, the house work, the garden, driving, working, or using the computer my hands take a lot during the day.  This hand cream smells fantastic, is non greasy and a little really does go a long way.  I could apply and then use my smart phone straight after.  Some creams I have used in the past leave fingers greasy so that using technology is virtually impossible.  My hands feel soft, deeply nourished and moisturised.  

For more great products, offers and news please check out Cate's Facebook page.  

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