Review : Speck Cases

One of the items in my goody bag from Britmums Live, was a phone case for an iPhone 5.  I really liked the feel of the case, it felt very hard wearing but yet was slim and still practical.  The only problem for me is that I don't own an iPhone.  Well its not really a problem I love my phone, just I could not use the case.

I checked out the website of the company who made the case, Speck.  I was really impressed with what I could see and contacted them to see if they would send me a case to review.  I picked a FitFolio case for iPad in Love birds Teal.  I love all the different designs and styles and had quite a tough choice choosing.  What is great about Speck products is that they all come with a 1 year warranty and delivery, for me  anyway, was very quick.

I picked the Fitfolio for a few reasons:

1. I really loved the design.  The pattern really spoke to me, I simply loved it.  The teal colour is also one of my favourites it was just right

Love birds Teal FitFolio

2. I loved that the case not only protected the back of the iPad with its form fit cradle but also the screen was protected too when not in use.  The soft micro suede interior cushions and protects the screen and thanks to the snap shut closure the lid also stays closed.  Integrated magnetics in the cover also activate the sleep/Wake functions

snap closure

3. When closed all ports are still accessible.  Which is great as when charging the iPad is still protected.

still access charging point

4. Like the case in my Britmums live bag, this case also is slim and lightweight.  I hardly notice the case is there, almost like a second skin to the iPad.  Yet I know how well protected it is.  You can feel the form fit cradle holding the iPad in place securely and the durable padded finish giving that extra piece of reassurance.

5. There are 4 viewing angles, so no matter what I want to do with the iPad, play games, write, read, watch videos and if I am standing or sitting I can find a viewing angle to suit me.

getting the right angle4 viewing angles

I am very happy with my FitFolio.  I know my iPad is well protected and the case looks stylish too.  As far as I can tell it adds no extra weight to the iPad and its super slim.  Amazing protection.

Speck also have a great range for other smart phones and tablets.  One of my particular favourites is the Smart flex for Samsung S4.  Its a protective case and wallet all in one! 

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