New beginnings

Today was a day of mixed emotions.  I met today with my manager and the existing team for the last time.   After nearly 7 years of working with the same company I will be starting a new job in September.  The company is restructuring and today several of my colleagues found out if they managed to secure a job within the new organisation.  It was very tense sitting round the table together, myself and 1 other colleague excited about our new prospects with other companies, whilst our colleagues each in turn received a phone call one after the other telling them the outcome.  

I am sad to be leaving and incredibly nervous about my new job but at the same time I cannot wait to start.  I am excited and full of ideas.  I feel so lucky to have such an amazing job opportunity in front of me to go to.  I cannot wait to get started.

As part of my job I require a company car, as I do a large amount of travelling.  Today the car arrived.  My new car,  My eldest daughter was excited and looked out the window to wait for it arriving.  She saw it arrive and rushed to open the front door, saying wowee.  As I was fixing the car seats into the car, the girls climbed in the front and started pretending to drive the car.  Next thing I know they both start giggling to each other and then they did this

It really helped cheer me up after a day full of very mixed emotions.  Here is to the start of something new, to new beginnings

This day I love new beginnings

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