Project 365 : Week 35


We took the girls for a day out to Yorkshire Wildlife park.  Both my girls were very brave and stroked a Wallaby.  We had a really lovely time looking at all the different animals.

stroke a wallaby


I was very sad today.  I sold the nursery furniture and today they came to pick it up.  It had to go as my youngest could climb out of the cot and we had no need for the wardrobe after moving house, as the rooms all have fitted wardrobes.  I was very emotionally attached to the furniture and I think by selling it its admitting that there will be no more babies.  My youngest is now in a toddler bed, which she loves.  

nursery furniture


My daughter found a slug, or as she called it a big worm.  She wanted to bring it in the house and put it in her bed as a pet, I had to discourage the idea.

slug pet


We have not seen the cat at nursery for some time.  My girls were very happy to see it had come back and ran over to stroke it.  The cat tolerated it for a little while, before deciding enough.  

cat came back


My youngest is now copying everything.  Her favourite thing to do at the moment is to put a nappy onto all her toys.  Bunny is her favourite and so he tends to have his nappy done all the time.

changing bunny nappy


The new car arrived and my girls wasted no time in finding the radio button.  If you have not yet seen the video its

testing new car


My youngest is refusing to day nap.  So come 6 she was a little tired and went for a lie down in the dogs bed. 

sleep in dog bed

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  1. Quite a week for you then. I was very sad to see our cot go, although it wasn't quite so final as I gave it to my brother for my nephew to use. Love the shot playing in the new car.

  2. I know what you mean about the nursery things it is a big thing; end of an era, but you have such beautiful children life will never be dull. Glad the slug didn't make it to the bed urgh

  3. I was sad to dismantle our cot although that was 3 years ago now. Enjoy your new car! Looks like the kids love it already.

  4. I love the shot of the wallaby, how amazing you all got to stroke it x

  5. They are so adorable. I would have loved to have seen your face when it was suggested a slug should sleep in her bed

  6. oh look at her in the last photo, absolutely zonked!

  7. Dylan is putting nappies on everything at the moment, although it is quite often a pretend nappy luckily as otherwise he chucks them all in the bin afterwards!

  8. how sweet is that photo of rabbit having a nappy put on? awwww and the sleeping one in the dogs bed ha ha i bet the dog did not think much of that! x

  9. I was the same when I got rid of our baby stuff. Love the photo of her napping in the dog's bed!

  10. Oh I'd be sad about the baby stuff too. All of The Boy's stuff it labelled in the loft and until I start the menopause and have to accept no more (I do want another), then I won't get rid. Big hugs.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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