Project 365 Week 34


We headed over to our local RSPB centre and took part in pond dipping.  Both girls really loved catching things with their nets and looking in the trays at what they had found.  We will be going again soon

exploring a pond


It was World photography day today and this was one of my favourite pictures.  I have a linky running should you wish to add your pictures from the day too.

photography day


I bought a new Vacuum cleaner which arrived today.  My eldest loves it so much that she keeps plugging it in and switching it on to clean up.  



After nursery I took the girls out for dinner at a local farm shop.  They had lots of fun and dinner was very nice.

spaghetti for tea


As a reward to my eldest for not crying at nursery we went to Yummy Yorkshire ice cream in the evening.  The girls and I had ice cream.  My youngest loved looking at the cows, but the highlight for my eldest was the bouncy castle



I am sorry girls that your Friday was so rubbish it was not meant to be.  We spent 7 hours in Kwik fit waiting for them to change 1 tyre, yes 1 tyre.

a not so quick fit


It rained all day today.  We did our weekly shop and upon opening the car door my youngest had got hold of the bread.  She then would not let go of the bread, every time I went near I was met with a 'No'.  

youngest steals bread

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  1. We did pond dipping the other day - it was great fun. Had to laugh at the bread shot.

  2. ha ha the bread photo made me laugh - i rrmember when B was just walking i took him to our local Spa shop to get some bread - by the time we got home we couldnt eat it - so out of shape but he screamed every time i offered to carry it!
    that blue plant is so unusual and pretty.
    sounds like a fun week x x

  3. That dinner looks yummy and the bouncy castle looks like a lot of fun!

  4. That is a very unusual flower, great capture.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  5. Cute photos! Love it when the kids help out!

    :) x


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