the places you will go

Myself and Lisa are currently involved in a project with the National trust.  We are aiming to raise awareness of the 50 things to do before 11 3/4 .  I am very pleased to say that my daughters have done the majority of the list.  Even at 15 months my youngest daughter has experienced a lot of the list and has enjoyed them.  We sometimes adapt the activity to make it age appropriate for example climb a tree, I let the girls climb as high as they are capable and pick a small easy to climb tree.

Our project is to get together a team of 50 bloggers, with a wide range of ages of children, and for each blogger to video one of the activities from the list.  The idea is to show that the list is accessible to all age ranges and is relatively simple to do.  Also to show how much fun you can have completing the list.

Today the girls and I undertook our activity from the list, a long bike ride.  I guess the first point is the definition of long.  For me a long walk is over an hour, but a long walk to my 3 year old is 15 minutes.  The same with a bike ride.  For me a long bike ride is a good few hours but for my daughter its around 15 minutes.  I was quite surprised then that she managed 1 hour and a half.  That is a long bike ride.

I filmed the bike ride but have selected certain bits to make a shorter video

My daughter loved it and is growing in confidence on her bike.  I love that 50 things to do before 11 3/4 encourages children of all ages to get outside and be active, and to try new things.  Why not take a look at the list for yourself?  

This day I love the places you will go.

If you have written about the National trust 50 things to to do before you are 11 3/4 please do link up below I would love to read.

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  1. What a long ride! This is one for us to tick off the list once Ben has nailed riding without his stabilisers one :D

  2. Bless her how well did she do!! Love jasper panting in the background!

  3. Well done her. We've done quite a lot off the list. I've linked up two of our posts - hope that's ok.

  4. fabulous. what a great idea and well done on your daughter for managing such a long ride. x

  5. Bike confidence is great for learning independent play and balance and a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Thanks for joining in with Country Kids. A perfect partner with 50 things.

  6. well done to her riding for so long! love bike riding, such a fun activity. mine mainly do it round the garden but should take them out for some longer rides

  7. Thank you for further help inspire me - it's really important not to just let kids sit on computers and you showing that your daughter can do these things at her age just gives us less excuses not to do it.


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