review : Finding the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gift can be hard.  I always wonder if the person will like it, will they want it, do they need it or do they already have it.  I like to put thought into my gifts and buy something that I have specifically chosen for that person.  

I was recently asked what I would really like.  After a lot of thinking and deciding perhaps I could do without more cake/chocolate/doughnuts/sweets for a little while, what I really wanted was a way to keep my youngest daughter safe.  My youngest daughter is wanting to explore more of the world, she wants her independence and freedom and the greatest gift I can give her, is to encourage her safely.

The Goldbug Harness buddy was the perfect solution for my youngest.  I was a little worried at first as she had never worn a bag on her back before and she always tries to get out of the car seat/pushchair harness, or other style harness.  She however loved it.

She loves the Harness buddy.  She loves how soft and cuddly he is.  As its light weight she hardly knows its there and even lets me put it on.  It is very easy to secure and to put onto her.  The straps are adjustable and easy to alter.

first time harnessplaying with the harness buddy

I have often worried that a harness might have the opposite effect and hinder her freedom.  It might be too bulky or be too restrictive limiting her movements, but this is not the case with the Goldbug Harness buddy.

She can play in the park

over the bridgedown the steps

through the tunnel

Explore nature and go pond dipping

nature walkpond dipping

looking through the grass

And because the safety rein is extra long, she can have extra fun exploring.

exploringextra long safety rein

exploring with sister

The Goldbug Harness buddy was the perfect gift for my youngest, it has given her her independence,  freedom and a lot of confidence.  For me, it has given me piece of mind and a great sense of happiness watching my youngest daughter gain so much enjoyment from exploring the world around her.  

I was sent a Goldbug Harness Buddy from Presents for Men to write a post on gifts.  The words and thoughts are all my own personal opinion.  

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  1. your photos are lovely! We have a dalmation puppy one of those but I am currently using the 'plain' harness that my boys had on T as she is obsessed with dogs and I think she would just want to cuddle it rather than wear it so I have put it away til she's a bit older and can understand a bit better. Great review x


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