Who wants a pet itch? [review]

When I was younger I think I asked for every animal there is as a pet.  As I got older I think I have owned most animals as a pet, when I say most I mean your standard, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.  Nothing exotic and never a pet itch.

Mossy Monster wants a pet itch.  The family try all sorts of tactics to take Mossy mind from wanting a pet itch.  They go to the zoo, get out soft toys and even try imaginary pets.  Nothing takes his mind from wanting an itch, so him and his sister hatch a plan.

Some of the tricks they try are rather clever and I wish I had thought of them.  I am glad that the book is about monsters as at the end of the book the monsters teach the pet itch to bite.  I can therefore explain to my daughter that we don't bite only monsters or pet itch do.

Overall it is an enjoyable book to read and my eldest does bring it to me to read to her, which shows her enjoyment.

The pet itch is by Elli Woollard and Elina Ellis and published by Maverick books.  It can be purchased through Amazon

the pet itch

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