stars in the eyes

I hardly slept at all last night.  My youngest is once again unsettled at night and I had a lot on my mind.  

I had done an interview for our local radio station, Hallam FM, on the importance of outdoor play for children.  I loved the experience and it was a real privilege to be asked.  I was simply nervous on my voice appearing on radio.  What would the clip sound like that they would use? What if I said something controversial? What if I came across like an idiot?  I guess just normal thoughts.

I had nothing to worry about, although it was rather strange hearing yourself on the radio.  It was also strange, as I am a regular listener to Hallam FM having the news readers, who you become familiar with, mention your name.  I would love to do it again.

My eldest daughter had a similar stars in the eyes moment when she came home from nursery.  She saw cake.  She saw a Victoria ring cake.  The icing and cherry on top prompted her to sing 5 current buns.  She wanted cake but she knew that she had to eat her dinner first.  Cake is a treat and a special treat.  

After dinner the girls really did enjoy their cake

Eldest enjoys her cakeyoungest enjoys her cake

This day I love stars in the eyes.

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  1. Congratulations on your radio interview. I would have mumbled and stumbled over my words, I'm sure.
    I think if I had come round to your house, I would have sung five currant buns if it got me a slice of cake!
    Have a good day
    Jo x


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