An urban revolution, the new Koochi

Taking inspiration from the likes of Superdry and Converse, this is a revolution.  An urban revolution.  This is the new Koochi.

A revolution in style.  A revolution in bright funky colours, Mix Magenta, Primary yellow and Spectrum red.  This is the ultimate in urban manoeuvres.  Get in.  Get out.

The Koochi revolution has arrived.


Upstart Car Seat : Urban Urchin

A group 0+ car seat, weighing 4.2Kg [lightweight].  Suitable to 13kg [birth to approx 12-15 months].  Universal fit with 3 point seat belt.  It is compatible with the Koochi Modstar to form a 2 in 1 travel system.  Available in all three colours.

Upstart Carseat Koochi

Kickstart Car seat : Onboard attitude

A Group 1 car seat, weighing 5.3Kg.  Suitable 9 - 18 Kg [approx 9 months to 4 years] .  Forward facing with 5 point safety harness and quick release buckle, 3 recline position and a higher sitting position to give a better view and help relieve travel sickness.  Available in Mix magenta and Primary yellow

MotoHero Car Seat : State of the Art sit-in

A group 1, 2, 3 car seat, weighing 5.3kg, suitable 9 - 36Kg [approx 9months to 12 years].   Forward facing with 5 point safety harness and quick release buckle in Group 1 mode.  Adjustable head rest and padded arm rest.  Converts to high back booster for older children [Group 2, 3]  Available in Mix magenta and Primary yellow

Koochi Motohero car seatMix Magenta Motohero Koochi Car seat

Sneaker Pushchair : On the Fly

Suitable from birth to around 3 years [15kg] Removable 5 point harness, lockable swivel front wheels.  A simple light weight pushchair with umbrella fold.  Available in Mix Magenta or Primary Yellow

sneaker pushchair Koochi

Speedstar Pushchair : Supercharged Streetcar

Perfect for travelling and day trips.  Suitable from birth to around 3 years old.  Umbrella fold, with fleece lined cosy toes.  Two toned comfy grip sport handles.  Cup holder and changing bag

speedstar Koochitwo toned handles

Pushmatic 3 Wheeler : Give us a push

Streamlined style to suit parents on the go.  Ultimate explorer cosy toes and removable hood and rain cover in kit bag.  Everything included.  quick release rear wheels and lockable swivel front wheels.  

pushmatic 3 wheeler Koochiget in get out

Modstar Travel system : Modstar Moves

This is true urban push wear.  A 2 in 1 travel system from birth to around 3 years.  One handed recline to flat.  Height adjustable handle.  Pushchair can face both inward and outward.  Car seat adaptors for the Koochi Upstart car seat.  Compact fold.  Perfect for everyday use.

ultimate urban wear

So what are you waiting for join the Koochi revolution.  Get in.  Get out.


Koochi #getingetout

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