Review : Lakeland Furniture Office chair

With the start of my new job I wanted somewhere, just a space really, that I could sit down and do my work.  Knowing that I would be spending rather a large amount of my time sitting at a desk, I hunted high and low for a chair that would give me great support and not make me sweat.  I hate that sticky feeling on your back from certain chairs if you sit on them too long, so comfort was of great importance.

Lakeland Furniture have a wide variety of chairs for sale.  I was rather spoilt for choice.  Lots of colour combinations and at some good affordable prices.  Having never been happy in the past with a leather chair I chose the Brasil Mesh Ergonomic chair.  I liked the look of the chair and that the lumbar support was movable.

The chair arrived and I set to work putting it together

chair pieces

When I first saw all the pieces I will admit I was a little worried I might put things together in the wrong order.  I need not have worried as everything was clearly labelled with excellent and easy to follow instructions.

this way upclearly defined

 I managed to put the whole chair together in around 10 minutes, which I thought was very good going.  The chair is able to swivel a full 360 degrees and can be made higher or lower.  The mesh back allows air to circulate so that I do not get that sticky feeling and stay nice and cool.  Most importantly I love how comfortable it is!

The girls have taken a shine to it and I often find them sitting on it and wanting to spin in circles.

finished chair

I was provided with a Brasil Mesh Ergonomic chair for free for this review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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