A Popagami party

My sister is moving next week to pretty much the other end of the country.  The family therefore gathered at my parents house for dinner and to say goodbye to my sister.  I took over the Popagami I had been sent to review, as I thought we could have a Popagami party and it would be something fun to do together.

We started with the world of Popagami book and some cake.  Well cake is always needed at a party.

popagami and cake

Popagami aims to bring origami into the 21st century and be fun and creative.  With this in mind the whole family, including my eldest at 3 years old got involved.


We began folding the beautiful animals which came with the Popagami combo pack.  This resulted in lots of serious concentration

careful foldsconcentrating

occasionally some confusion


Before we got to the final instruction, blow into your Popagami to inflate

blow up the animalfinal step

Some of us did not follow the instructions and created our own animals

own creation

While many of us did and ended up with some lovely creations

completed popagami

We made more and more, and the more we did the easier it became.  Popagami was a lovely way to get all the family together.  This was a great way to spend time together and do something creative.  The book gives you the templates to create puppet Popagami and also blank templates to create your own.  I think we maybe having a Popagami party again soon.

This day I love a Popagami party

If you would like your very own Popagami combo pack, maybe to host your own Popagami party, I have 1 to giveaway.  Please follow the Rafflecopter instructions below, Competition closes midnight on Friday 20th September

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  2. Thanks for your review, it looks great fun. A good idea to use popagami as a family. I can recall a nephew doing origami when he was younger. Popagami seems a wonderful idea which the young and not so young would enjoy. Animals are a much loved theme.

    Rachel Craig

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  5. Vermeer! X Love your blogs they always make me smile X

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  8. Vermeer - great giveaway, looks like a lot of fun

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