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So I have spent most of my afternoon / evening in accident and emergency.  I had planned an afternoon of fun in the garden to make the most of the Autumn sun, but my eldest had other ideas.  After asking her repeatedly to leave the car door alone, she refused to listen.  In her typical, 'I am three and therefore know what I am doing phase' a threenager if you will.  Not listening to me she opened the car door and promptly continued to open it getting her hand stuck between the car parked next to me and the edge of the door.  Resulting in removal of skin from fingers, swelling and a change in colour to her finger tips.  I then rushed her to the hospital to get her checked out.  

She was rather brave and although not too keen on the idea of an X - ray she even managed to have several of those taken.  I am pleased to say that she has no broken bones, just sore finger ends.  Thankfully.  That I can tell you was a huge relief.  Anyway why am I writing about all this.  Well you see, whilst we were in hospital we received really excellent care.  My daughter had plenty to keep her occupied whilst we waited, lots of books, toys, games and even a TV playing age appropriate TV programs.  All the staff were really lovely and supportive and she was even given a sticker for her bravery, after her X rays. 

in hospital

 I then saw a sign and realised that all these things, the toys, books, TV, all these little things that are helping keep my daughter entertained and less stressed are provided for by chairty.  All these little things that are keeping me from getting stressed and worrying about my daughter.  All these little things that actually make a huge difference, are provided for by charity.  They are provided for by people donating, even 50p, to help buy books, toys and other things for the children.  Things we probably take for granted in the waiting area but are of great importance.  Things I have never thought about where they come from.  It made a difference to me tonight, I cannot imagine the difference it would make to long term patients and their families.

As regular readers know on the 19th October I am going to be running for my life in an attempt to save lives.  The charity I chose all that time ago was, the Barnsley Hospital Charity  and its this charity that provided all those small things for my daughter whist she was in accident and emergency.  I know many of you are thinking, well its Barnsley Hospital Charity  that is never going to have an impact on my life.  To them I ask, well what if one day it does? You never know what is round the corner?  

Please sponsor me and lend a helping hand as I run for my life to save yours.

This day I love a helping hand

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