Project 365 : Week 41


It was a good friend of ours sons third birthday party.  It was at a local soft play and the girls had lots of fun exploring and playing.  I was so proud of both my girls but in particular this moment when my youngest stood up and walked across the rope bridge with ease!

rope bridge walk

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I left late in the evening on Sunday for work and returned home on Thursday evening just in time to see the girls go to sleep.  Again not wanting to post pictures of service stations, hotel rooms or other random boring things I thought I would just simply leave as this.


After a long day at work the best way to unwind was with some creative play.  The girls and I had some fun with our Plus Plus and I made some ghosts. 

Plus Plus ghosts


The best way to spend a Saturday afternoon, is cuddling up on the sofa with the girls watching a film and eating chocolate!

Watching a film

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  1. I am loving that first clip, they always surprise.

  2. I agree about the time spent with the children, a movie and some chocolate! Hope you all enjoyed your day :)

  3. My kids would love me to sit still like that but I just can't do it, always got to be doing something!

  4. Love your plus plus ghosts. Quite a long trip away - you must have missed the family.

  5. i love the way you have captured that first image of soft play and well done to your youngest for getting herself across so easily. my two love going to soft play and i like it because they can burn off so much energy.
    and it must be wonderful for you to have some much needed cuddle time with your girls after being away most the week x x

  6. i love the way you have shown that moving image - so clever. and well done to your youngest for getting herself across so easily there will be no stopping her now. and it must be hard being away from your girls so much so those cuddles and that chocolate time must be bliss x

  7. Love the first image, so nice to capture a moment like that!

  8. The first clip made me jump - it is brilliant through xx

  9. i have never heard of plus plus before it looks fantastic. hope your ok honey with all the work stress x

  10. Haha your ghosts are awesome :)

  11. That is so clever, the first photo. I really must learn how to do that.


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