Review : Little Orchard

I am always on the look out for good board games to play with the girls.  The toadstool recently sent us Little Orchard by Haba to review.  My daughter was very eager to play.

Haba game little orchard

The game is suitable from 3 - 8 years and for 1 - 4 players   My eldest daughter at 3 years old would happily sit and play this game by herself.  My 16 month old definitely would not get the concept of the game and so I think age level is perhaps pitched right.

The aim of the game is to collect the cherries from the trees before the crow eats them all.  Players roll a dice and then match the picture on the dice to a card, which is turned over to reveal the next action.  A cherry indicates to take a cherry from the tree, a crow means the crow moves one step closer to the cherries and a sleeping animal means nothing happens.  

My 3 year old understood the game straight away and often asks to play.  She can set up the game with ease and is more than happy to play by herself or with others.  I like how the game is stored neatly inside the box and the fact the box is small enough to be carried by a 3 year old.  The colours are all lovely and bright and the images are really attractive to younger children.

Little Orchard encourages children to think, as they have decide what action to take based on the card.  Look at colour and shape recognition.  It also can encourage team work and taking turns.  This is a really lovely game to play.

Here is my daughter playing Little Orchard

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