A Project 365 Catch up 42-46

The past 4 weeks have been incredibly busy and whilst I have still managed to take a photo a day, I have not had chance to blog.  So rather than blog 5 weeks worth of photos, here is an update of the past 4 weeks and my favourite photo/s from each week

Week 42 

light and shadows

Another week spent away working.  A rather busy and tiring week again, its hard to be away from the girls.  The photo this week took me by surprise.  It is simply the shadows on the wall from my hotel room.  I think they look like rockets.  They were a very vivid purple colour but my phone could not pick up the detail.  

Week 43

ladybirdsZombie run

Yet more working away from home.  This week was a rather interesting week,  It saw me finish my training, which means I am away a lot less.  I completed the Zombie Run, and yes I am still here to tell the tale.  The girls and I made most of the mild Autumn weather this week and even spotted our first lady birds of the year.

Week 44

Blackpool illuminationspainting

cute beewrinkle feet

Halloween lights

It was really lovely coming home from work and getting to spend some time with the girls this week.  The girls enjoyed some time painting, and creating Halloween decorations.  Which I really loved.  We took them to see Blackpool illuminations and I have to say I was rather disappointed with them this year.  My favourite pictures this week though are of my youngest dressed up as a bee for Halloween.  Also the picture I took of her after the bath when she discovered wrinkles on her feet.  She kept touching the wrinkle lines, I thought it was very cute.

Week 45

sleep at lasthook a duck


My eldest loved her first duck from the hook a duck stand.  We took both girls to a bonfire and fireworks display but unfortunately it got too late and cold for my youngest.  It has been a week of sleepless nights, for whatever reason my youngest does not want to sleep at the moment.  Unless its when I am trying to get her up and ready as I have to go to work.  The girls really enjoyed the fireworks at their Grandparents house and my eldest keeps asking for them.

Week 46

silly faces

Not sure why but my eldest wanted to spend her evening making faces on the glass door.  Rather funny but also unprompted.

paper statues

We went to a Christmas Craft show and the girls loved the paper models.  Yes these are made out of paper [not my girls].  The girls really loved the show and enjoyed looking at all the different crafts.  Although I did have to stop my youngest trying to eat all the cakes, they were amazing.

lots of sweets

You know you are going to be having a good day when a parcel you are not expecting turns up and this is the contents!

Hotel upgrade

Another day away for work.  Although when you arrive and told you have a free upgrade to this room its not too bad.

hotel view

I love the view from the hotel, I could stand and watch all day.

Big girl

My youngest is growing up far too quickly now.  She loves to use a normal cup and it just makes me realise how big she is.
Eating dinner

This photo made me smile, its the moment my youngest worked decided to get all the food out of the bib so she could finish eating all her dinner, and yes the fork went in too!

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  1. she makes a very cute bee and i love that she made sure that no food went to waste in the bottom pic. Jenson keeps asking me to remove the lid from his cup, but as soon as i do he spills the contents everywhere! It must be hard having to stay away so much, but seeing your gorgeous girls on your return must make up for it x x

  2. Sounds like you are working really hard at the moment and doing so well to still manage some fun photo link ups

  3. You have been super busy! Surprise haribo and room upgrades always nice. My little one eats from her bib too :-)


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