Playing together

As my girls grow up they are playing together more.  It is just so lovely to watch them.  This week has seen both girls and myself feel rather under the weather and so rather than do too much we took it easy and played outside, but wrapped up very warm.

The girls went off on their own little adventure laughing as they played and then inviting me to play too.  It was lovely to be a part of and also to observe.

driving and phonein the castle

I love spending time playing together with my girls.  The girls and I even went on an adventure today.  My eldest found some toadstools in the clearing of a wood and wanted to sit on them to pretend to be a magic fairy


She makes a good fairy!

I am hoping the weather stays dry so we can have some more adventures playing together next week.

This day I love Playing together. 

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  1. Exciting day out. Lovely pics :0)

  2. it is lovely seeing the kids play together more. Miss T is now getting to the age she wants to join in more with what my boys are doing and they all play together a lot more than before. xxx


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