shhh sleeping with a Huggable Hottie

I was asked recently to take part in a survey regarding sleep.  Sleep I thought to myself, not something which I feel I get enough of.  Before children I remember, and its a very distance memory, of sleeping in at a weekend.  Casually getting out of bed and having an early night.  I now consider myself very lucky if I am in bed and asleep before midnight and now a lie in means anything past 7 am.  I have gone from enjoying 8 - 12 hours a night, to on average 2-5 hours and that's total sleep not even in one long stretch.

My general day to day life is very busy.  I have two young children as well as a full time job.  My job I absolutely love and I never switch off.  I am constantly reading, learning or planning and as a result my mind is in constant go mode, making it some what difficult on a night to unwind and sleep.  I am not complaining as I really do enjoy work and get huge job satisfaction.

After filling in the survey I was then sent a sleep accessory from Silent Night to try for a week, to see if this helped with my sleep at all.  The sleep accessory I was sent was a huggable hottie.  I was rather surprised when I opened the package.  A rather soft and cuddly hedgehog.  My huggable hottie also has a rather pleasant smell of lavender and chamomile.  I am not one for fragrances, as I often find them over powering, but this is pleasant, and only just noticeable which is great.

My huggable hottie is warmed in the microwave and then placed into bed.  I found the warmth a real comfort especially as the nights have started to drop much colder.  The girls have also taken to him and like to have a warm cuddle.  

As for my sleep, whilst its hard to control the amount of sleep I get due to work and that my youngest still does not sleep through.  The sleep I do get does seem to be much deeper, which means I must be feeling more relaxed.  I do find the lavender and chamomile fragrance has helped on an evening to help calm and relax my mind.  This ultimately has lead to a better nights sleep.  

My huggable hottie will be coming with me the next time I have to work away from home, help me to unwind from a long day at work.

huggable hottie

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