Review: Haba Pretend Play Doctors Set.

This beautiful wooden Pretend play Doctors set from Haba contains:

1 prescription block,
1 pencil,
1 spatula,
1 wooden syringe,
1 tube of ointment [wooden tube]
1 spoon,
1 thermometer,
1 elastic bandage
1 Medicine Bottle

These are all stored in a beautiful metal tin

Dr Set

The only thing the set is missing really is a stethoscope.  Every item is well made and has great attention to detail.  The sizing of each item is also great for children, my eldest is 3. 

wooden pretend play Dr

Each wooden piece of the set has been carefully crafted and looks great, perfect for imaginative play.  My eldest loves imaginative play.  Most of her toys now have one of the red plasters on which comes in the kit to make them better.  She often wanders around writing prescriptions too, it is really lovely to watch her.

making a prescription

Its great watching her imagination at play as she gives her toys medicine from the little wooden spoon or takes their temperature.  The only real downside to this set, is that it is made from wood.  Whilst that might also be an advantage it does make the kit very difficult to clean.  My daughter will often put the little wooden medicine spoon in her mouth, then in her sisters mouth, then in my mouth, then in Grandmas as she makes us all better.  Whilst this imaginative play is great the wooden spoon cannot be easily cleaned to be germ free, as the wood will hold and retain from each person.  

This would be my only downside with this Kit.  As other than this it is beautifully made and contains almost everything you need to play pretend Dr.  

This Kit was sent to us as part of our Toadstool Toad Testers.  All opinions are my own.  

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