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We don't really have any Halloween decorations and it came as a bit of a surprise last year that the street we have moved on to are fairly big on Halloween. In fact most houses are decorated and there is a big community spirit, which is really lovely. I guess it's down to the fact there are a lot of young children living near by. Anyway this year I wanted to start our decorations.

We headed over to Les Cadeaux. The girls picked out what they wanted to paint from the great selection and each chose a pumpkin, my eldest instructed that I had to paint a spider and her Grandma was told to paint a pig. We spent our morning painting and the girls were very well looked after with free juice and sweets.

Eldest painting
Youngest painting

Later in the week I returned to collect our glazed and finished items ready for Halloween.

Halloween decorations

My eldest decided that she did not want to dress up, after over an hour of trying on every costume in the house. My youngest however loved the opportunity to go in the 'Let's Pretend' box and she dressed up as a bee. It was the first time she wore wings and we had a moment of around 5 minutes similar to that when a dog notices its tail and runs round in circles.


I finished work and picked the girls up from nursery, where they had had a Halloween party. I took them to Les Cadeaux for a Halloween party. The shop was very busy and it was so lovely to see so many people all who had dressed up. The girls were given a goody bag and a juice. My youngest spotted straight away that there were free sweets and kept helping herself

stealing sweets

My eldest sat down to paint

happy painting

Whilst my youngest got into the party spirit

The girls had a really lovely time and my eldest wants to go to the paint shop every day after nursery!

Our Halloween decorations, if I do say so myself, look fantastic

light up pumpkins

This day I love spooky going on

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  1. Great photos, love the pumpkins! #countrykids

  2. Lovely decorations, seems like you had a lovely Halloween! #countrykids x

  3. Pumpkins look fab and the painting a great craft activity. I hope you got some outdoor fun in your Halloween time too?


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