Review : Funky Giraffe Bibs Christmas

I reviewed the Funky Giraffe Bibs range back in June and still to this day the girls love to wear them.  The new Christmas range has recently been launched and the designs are just as bright and colourful.  Offering the same great quality and softness but with a Christmas design.

What I had not realised is that Funky Giraffe Bibs also offers Christmas stockings, which can be personalised.   We received a stocking for the girls and I was impressed.  Normally Christmas stockings feel rather thin, often with no padding, but Funky Giraffe stockings are lovely and padded.  This gives it a wonderful element of luxury.

Funky Giraffe Bibs stocking

As you would expect from Funky Giraffe Bibs, the stockings are lovely colours with a bright Christmas design.  

Christmas Design

There are some wonderful touches too like the trim round the stocking and the design on the heel and toes.  The stocking feels lovely and deep and has a little give to it making it easy to fit the more awkward shape present inside.  I really feel that it is built to last.  

I was sent a Funky Giraffe Christmas stocking to review, all words are my own opinions 

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