Review : Tommee Tippee animal antics

Tommee Tippee recently launched their new Animal Antics range.  The nine animal characters feature on the tommee tippee explora range of cups.  There are 6 cups which will feature the new characters including 4m+ 1st transition cup, 7m+ beaker, 12m+ Sporty and 12m+Sports Bottle.  All the cups feature the patented non-spill easiflow® valve for easy drinking and unique soft-flex spouts to protect gums.  They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, BPA free and steriliser safe too.

The colours are really bright and the girls find the cups very easy to hold.  I have not yet had any spills from them which shows they really are non spill.  Great for taking out and about and carrying in my changing bag.  I personally love that they are dishwasher safe as this makes them so much easier to clean.

youngest new cupeldest new cup

The nine characters available in the animal antic range are


NAME: Rory
TALENT: Podium Balancing 
ABOUT: Rory has been balancing his whole life and takes pride is his performance. Rory likes to make lots of noise during his act, displaying his strength by roaring fiercely and shaking his mane. 


NAME: The Tempo’s
TALENT: Singing 
ABOUT: The Tempo’s are a bird and hippo musical double act. These two have been singing together for many years with birdies sweet voice complementing hippo’s dulcet tone to provide jazzy songs for the crowds to enjoy. 


NAME: Theodore
TALENT: Ball dancer
ABOUT: Theodore is the Master of Ceremonies and has the very prestigious task of introducing all of the acts. He is also a very talented dancer using a special star ball as part of his act and he always finishes with a loud and clear ‘TA DAH!’. 

SarahNAME: Sarah 
TALENT: Podium Balancing
ABOUT: Like Rory, Sarah is an expert balancer. She can take a run up and push herself up to jump and land gracefully on top of her podium. She is known for her elegance when performing and when the crowd applauds her she enjoys clapping her fins together. 


NAME: Ellie 
TALENT: Tightrope walking
ABOUT: Ellie is the star of the show and the act the audience loves to see. When Ellie performs, she shows daring acrobatics as she tip toes across a tightrope that is suspended at a great height.  


NAME: Chuckles
TALENT: Juggling Unicycle
ABOUT: Chuckles is particularly clever as he is able to ride expertly on his unicycle and juggle at the same time. But because Chuckles enjoys having a good laugh he is always playing jokes that make him laugh so much he can fall off his unicycle. 


NAME: Jazz 
TALENT: Juggling
ABOUT: Because Jazz is a Panda, he has amazing climbing abilities and this has helped him become a great juggling artist. He is able to juggle more quickly than Chuckles and he also likes to juggle along to The Tempo’s lively music. 


NAME: Lulu 

TALENT: Jumping hoops
ABOUT: Lulu is one of the great stars of the Animal Magic show. She is able to run fast and jump very high through hoops and is known for her lovely hair and costumes that she makes herself. 


NAME: The Tumblers
TALENT: Tumbling
ABOUT: The Tumbling family have been busy performing their remarkable pyramid for many years. The ants are able to build on top of each other to reach lofty heights then one by one they jump and flip and are caught by their fellow team-mates to safely land. 

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