A Baobab challenge

As regular readers will know my eldest daughter is a little hit and miss with her eating habits.  This is of great concern for me and always has been.  I worry she is not getting enough, considering how very little she eats.  I try to make meal times fun and interesting and try to offer appropriate portion sizes but she is rarely interested.  This is why Baobab really appealed to me.  

Baobab Fruit Powder: Gram for gram, baobab fruit has six times more vitamin C than an orange and more calcium than a glass of milk. Baobab also benefits from having three times more iron than red meat, six times as much potassium than in bananas and more than three times as much antioxidants than blueberries. Baobab products can be purchased online at  www.edenprojectshop.com.

We were sent a packet of Baobab fruit powder.  The powder itself is quite fine, not so much as icing sugar but thinner than flour.  Tasting the raw powder reminded me of mango mixed with raisin.  Yet when mixed in with food it simply adds a fruity taste.  

Baobab powder

Baobab is set to be the next superfruit.  Already well known in Africa, having been eaten there for centuries, the Eden project is raising its profile in the UK.   Eden project work with PhytoTrade Africa to support natural harvest and sustainable harvests.  The Baobab is known as the 'upside down tree' and the fruit is pollinated by bats.

I found the Baobab really simple to cook with.  My husband added a spoonful to boiled water to create a Vitamin C boost drink.  It seemed to work as he wasn't feeling as down this week and his cold [man flu] seems to be improving.  I mixed a spoonful with tonic water which created a lovely fruity drink too.  

Baobab seems to also work really well in savoury dishes such as, Curry, Chillies and even Pie!  I have been very impressed with the versatility of Baobab.  One of my favourites though is in cookies.  The girls and I baked chocolate chips cookies and added a few spoonfuls into the mixture.  You could not notice any difference in taste.  I added some to the buttercream topping and it added a really lovely fruity taste.

Baobab cakeMaking Baobab cake

We were also sent two chocolate bars which contained Baobab.  One white chocolate and the other milk

white chocolate Baobabmilk chocolate Baobab

These were beautiful and I had no idea Baobab had been added to them.  Lovely creamy chocolate, I will be looking into purchasing some more!

I was sent two chocolate bars and a packet of Baobab powder for review.  All opinions are my own.

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