Sids show

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I cannot wait to take my daughter next year to see Sids show. Having seen how excited she was when we saw Andy and Mikes tick tock time machine, this show promises to be as exciting.

Sid Sloane, current star of 'Lets play' and former longest serving Cbeebies presenter, has started his tour of a fun filled show promising to knock the audiences socks off.

Sids show

Written by Rachel Barnett and directed by Dominique Gerrard, SID’s SHOW is a LIVE family-friendly adventure (suitable for ages 3+) and is currently touring the UK.

This interactive stage show sees Sid setting on an heroic quest to find his favourite socks and shoes. He travels to the bottom of the ocean and even to outer space. There are plenty of surprises and funny characters along the way. I cannot wait to see the magic on my daughters face as she follows the fun and games the show is bound the bring.

Sid on stage

For further information about the show visit:

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