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I was recently rather impressed by the range of car seats available from Argos. I had never really considered them in the past for a car seat but there is a huge selection available to suit most budgets.

The Cosatto Zoomi really caught my eye. With the bright colourful patterns you would expect from Cosatto, it also sat within the mid range or car seats and I was eager to see how it would perform. Whilst I cannot do a thorough crash test, I can assess ease of use and padding available as well as comfort to the child.

The Cosatto Zoomi comes with some assembly, although simple to do, it involves slotting the back rest into the seat unit, it is worth noting. As this is a group 1'2'3 seat it will last until around 12 years of age. As a group 3 seat I like the high back which should offer some protection in the event of a crash.

Cosatto Guarantee Zoomi flat

The seat is intended to be used for us as a group 2, as my eldest has almost out grown group 1, she is just on the border and this seat provides the flexibility to do this.

testing the Zoomi

In any mode the seat is very simple to install and there are clear instructions on how this can be done. The ease of installation gives me confidence that in the event of an accident the seat will perform sufficiently. 

back of Zoomi

There is also good head support and padding, although I have seen a lot more and a lot less. The Cosatto hug for example offers much more but is more expensive.

Zoomi head rest

The five point harness can be a little tricky to snap together but no more so than other seats I have tried. The harness can also be adjusted via a quick and easy pull strap mechanism. 

Zoomi harness

 My daughter finds the seat very comfy and will often fall asleep in the car seat. The downside of this is her head does seem to slump and I wonder how her neck is then supported in a crash. With an impact shield seat the head could be rested on the shield itself.


For a budget style car seat I am impressed with the Cosatto Zoomi, not least for the ease of installation and the high quality you would expect from Cosatto but also for the longevity of the product and its comfort for the child.

This post was written in conjunction with Argos.

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  1. We bought this for our 9 month old son as hes outgrown his first stage car seat, its great! the design is funky, the material is soft and spongy, he looks so comfortable in this. Would highly recommend!
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