Review : Pacca’s Carousel

I have always loved the idea of learning another language, but whenever I have tried have always really struggled.  I often wondered if I had learnt at a young age if this would have been different.  Pacca’s Carousel is an interactive app designed for 2 -6 year olds to help aid learning another language.  

There are two versions available a free lite version and the full version priced at £1.49.  It is well worth purchasing the full version as you do get quite a lot for your money.  Pacca’s Carousel features the following languages  English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Cantonese and is being updated throughout 2014 to include other languages such as Mandarin.  

Pacca is a horse who helps children to build their very own carousel.  Children choose colours, numbers and objects for the Carousel in the chosen language and there are then fun interactive games to play.  The girls enjoy playing with Pacca and love the sounds the app makes to interact with them.  I really like the animation of Pacca.  My eldest is learning French at nursery and the app is a lovely way for her to aid her learning.  My youngest at 1 finds the app really good fun too and loves to dance to the music.

Pacca Corousel

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  1. its always good to get recommendations for apps - one to download for my kids i think! thank you x


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