The team honk relay had arrived!

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It's here and it's finally time! The team honk baton arrived last night in South Yorkshire, collected by my husband (I had a small accident last night) from the lovely Jaime and penny

The team honk baton arrives

So what now you might ask, well I shall tell you.

The rather marvellous spencer from @adadcalledspen has a very amazing day planned for the baton in Barnsley. If you are in the town centre watch out for Toby tyke, a flotilla of mobility scooter, space hoppers and of course roller derby to name a few.

Saturday sees my girls take over

There will be rainbow slides, courtesy of @playmania_ltd, followed in the afternoon by a 3 mile walk through muddy puddles and if that wasn't enough each girl will then be swimming 5m. They are only 3 and 1 I think this is going to be an amazing achievement given how little they are and they would love your support

Oh and of course there's the 10k on a rowing machine, by me this time.


Well here's the big one. We think we have covered most modes of transport, the rowing machine to represent boats, walked, run, swam, trains, cars but there is something missing......


That's right planes!

Yes on Sunday I will be flying the baton, with a little help from my Fantastic Dad, over to hand over to team honk Hull. The current plan is to leave Netherthorpe around 10.30-11ish to arrive in Hull in time for lunch.

Wish us luck and of course please support us, even if its £1, as every little will make a difference

Thank you


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