Review : Konfidence Baby Warma and Warma Wetsuits

My eldest daughter seems to feel the cold very quickly.  So when we go swimming, to our local pool, she shivers and clings to me.  She is more than capable of swimming unaided, but the cold really puts her off.  I have searched high and low for a product that would keep her warm, and would not alter her buoyancy. 

The girls were sent a Konfidence Baby Warma and a Warma wetsuit for them each to try.  Both the Baby Warma and Warma wetsuit are rated to give high UV protection and give warmth.  As well as not altering the buoyancy.  I was keen to get the girls in the water to try them out.  Our local pool has a no photography policy so I could not take photos in the pool, but here are the girls ready to go.

Youngest in Pink Baby Warma Eldest in Pink Warma wetsuit

My eldest is in the Warma Wetsuit.  The Konfidence Warma Wetsuit is 2.5mm thick soft flexible neoprene.  It is very easy to get on [and off again when wet], and features Velcro straps on the shoulders.  These straps are adjustable giving room for growth.  My eldest is in a size 2-3 years and she is almost 4, but there is still plenty of room for her to grow into.  I loved that she was still able to swim, thanks to the fully flexible nature of the suit.  She did not show any signs of discomfort and wanted to stay in the pool even after we had been there for an hour.  This shows to me that she was warm.

My youngest is in the Baby Warma which is 2mm thick.  I love that the Baby Warma opens up completely flat.  So it is incredibly easy to get a baby into, also its great for access for a nappy change.  My youngest wasn't too sure about the Velcro strap between her legs, but once in the water she soon forgot about it.  The suit did not alter her ability to swim and she swam unaided for 2M.  I also saw no change in her buoyancy.  

Both suits have no internal ridges meaning the suits are comfortable to wear and there is minimum chance of rubbing, and therefore causing discomfort.  I would say the suits are comfortable to wear as neither girl noticed them whilst in the pool and have tried to put them on whilst in the house.  I did notice that when I took the suits off, the water beneath them felt lovely and warm.  

I was very impressed with the Warma wetsuits and my girls have even asked to go swimming again with them.

I was sent a Baby Warma and a Warma wetsuit to review.  All words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. They look fab! Didn't realise they go up to a bigger age than babies sizes - handy to know! Sounds like your girls are great little swimmers. We really need to take Miss T more often xxx

  2. I need to invest in one of these before we start making regular trips to the pool, I think it would prevent a few tears here and there


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