tired little honkers

The Team Honk baton arrived this weekend, which resulted in a rather busy weekend for the girls and I.  When Spencer, from adadcalledspen, and myself first sat down to discuss the team honk relay [what seems like months ago] we had two clear aims:

1. Involve as many people as we could
2. Have lots of fun and try to do things a bit different.

We also decided the theme for our leg of the relay would be Planes, Trains and auto mobiles.

teamhonk barnsley

With this in mind Spencer created the rather fantastic mystery tour of Barnsley and his wish came true as he achieved his flotilla of mobility scooters.  Hats off to you Spencer, I said aim big and you certainly achieved an amazing day!

The girls were keen to be involved and could not wait to get ready

dressed and ready to gothe baton meets my eldest

Saturday my aim was to show it didn't matter how young you are you can still be involved.  The girls took part in a sponsored slide a thon.  How many times could we ride the rainbow slide at Playmania in 30 minutes?

down the slideoff we go

We managed 22 times, which I think is quite an achievement given I had to carry my youngest up the ramp and she kept wanting to stop to collect balls on her way up.  My eldest kept stopping for a drink too, well it is thirsty work.

The girls enjoyed themselves, and took a short nap at Playmania.

youngest rides a horseyoungest and the baton take a nap

In keeping with our theme we visited the trains!

teamhonk visits trains

Before taking the baton on a 3 mile walk.  The girls did really well.

youngest on walkeldest on walk

Our dog got involved too

dog joins in team honk

The final part of the challenge for the girls was to do a 5m swim each.  The other children in the girls class got involved too and we all did a 5m relay, so the baton swam 25m in total!

completed the swimteam honk baton pool side

 I think it was only fair that I then treated the girls.  They had done rather a lot!

well deserved ice cream

Sunday was the handover day as we handed over to team honk Hull.  In keeping with our theme our final component was Planes!

In the plane ready to go

The weather was very grey and there was quite a lot of wind around, but we took a brief opportunity of a break in the weather and set off from York gliding club.

All aboard team honk

After an almost sideways landing at Hull Aero club, due to the very strong cross winds, we did a quick handover and decided to fly back again before the weather really turned nasty.

Handover for team honk Hull

It has been such an amazing and busy weekend.  I would like to say thank you to ever one who has helped and to everyone who has sponsored us, it means a lot!  The girl,s its fair to say, are two tired little honkers!

up up and away

This day I love tired little honkers!

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  1. Fantastic effort, the plane ride was awesome and your little girls have done wonderfully.

  2. Wow what an achievement all around - bless the girls for getting involved, they did fantastically. Well done action lady you certainly lived up to the challenge. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  3. Wow, this looks like so much fun!

  4. Wow, this looks amazing and well done on you achievements.Love it that the little ones got involved too. Thanks for linking up #FlashbackFriday


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