Learn more about nature this spring

My girls have a real love for the outdoors.  We love spending time in our garden watching the birds and the squirrels.  We even joined in the RSPB bird watch this year, but this then raised questions from the girls.  'What's that bird Mummy?' and if like me you find it hard to tell the difference between a great tit and a blue tit then I have a perfect solution.  By the way you would not be alone in feeling this as a survey by the Cbeebies show Tree Fu Tom also revealed many parents feel stumped when asked by their children to identify a plant/tree/bird.

Tomorrow there will be a live WebTv show where Zoologist and nature writer Jules Howard will be revealing some interesting facts about nature in Britain.  As well as a guide of what to look out for this spring.  I am looking forward to it and can't wait to hear your thoughts too.  The show starts at 1pm on Thursday 20th March and if the code works should be available below:

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