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Bleach? Cleaning products? I have been sat pondering what best to write about bleach and cleaning products. You see I could write a review about how I used the new Harpic white and shine to clean the bathroom. How thanks to the addition of baking soda, along with bleach I got a superior clean and how impressed I was. Or even how easy it was to use. I could also write about how Harpic limescale kills 99.9% bacteria, is 5x better than bleach and is amazing at removing lime scale. The thing is I want to try and write something a little different.

Yes I am impressed with the Harpic range at cleaning, and yes it is my preferred brand but did you know it can also be more than this? Ok so first let me give you a top tip for cleaning a bath and then something a little different.

Top tip

When we moved into our new house, we were very lucky to have a whirl pool bath in our bathroom. Cleaning the bath however is a little tricky, how do you get into all those jet pipes? How do you ensure all the little bugs and nasties are killed? So here is my tip, fill the bath with water just above the jets. Place a capful of Harpic white and shine into the water. Turn on the jets to full and leave for 10 minutes. The Harpic will clean out all the jets. Empty the bath, rinse and repeat the process but this time with the limescale remover. This will ensure that all the limescale is removed and the bath cleaned. Rinse and repeat one final time but this time just with the water and only for 5 minutes. This is just to remove any residue Harpic from the pipes of the bath.

Something a bit different

I wanted to try and do something a little creative, so I decided to make/customise a pair of leggings each for the girls for our Team Honk relay.  If like me you are a little accident prone you will know that bleach on clothes stains so I thought about using this to my advantage and staining the clothes deliberately.

I would like to add that bleach is a chemical, its not to be played with and therefore should you try this please wear gloves and do so in an appropriate area.  

I mixed 1 part bleach to 1 part water in a spray bottle and marked out my design on the leggings.  I then sprayed the mixture over the design and left for a few minutes.

honk trousersTeam Honk Trousersbleach mixture

I rinsed the leggings in cold water after a few minutes to stop the bleaching process and left them to dry over night.  The next morning the leggings had bleached but unfortunately for me I had not left the mixture on long enough, so the pattern did not work.  At least I know for next time to leave it on longer!

bleached trousers

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  1. I love this. I love reading reviews that are creative and don't just tell us product specifics we can find out for ourselves. I'm also really jealous of your whirlpool bath. So not fair. And yes. I shall be bleaching leggings this weekend... :)
    x x


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