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Having two very young children 3 and 1, I fully understand the pressures to try and get them to brush their teeth. My youngest prefers to suck the toothpaste from the toothbrush and my eldest would much rather brush for about a minute then sit and chew the toothbrush. Aqua fresh recently sent me an email which I found interesting.

I love to read with my kids but I've never before thought about reading to them whilst they brushed their teeth. The idea is that picking a story that lasts around 2 minutes keeps the children interested and they brush their teeth for 2 minutes. I gave it a try and found that the children where engaged in the story I was reading them, and stopped thinking about their teeth. Actually this proved to be great because they brushed their teeth and it made it fun for them.

eldest getting ready to brush teeth

The great thing about the aqua fresh range is that their products are fun and stand out. The bright colours of the milk teeth range appeal to my youngest and the fun animals appeal to my three year old. My eldest really loves that her tooth brush has a special lid and stands up by the sink. My youngest tooth brush is perfect for her tiny teeth. The brush is incredibly flexible and soft, which is great for protecting her soft gums.

Aquafresh toothbrushes

The girls are really enjoying brushing their teeth and listening to stories at the same time. They are eager to brush their teeth thanks to their fun aqua fresh tooth brushes. I am a happy mum knowing their teeth are very well cared for, with such a specially designed range for each stage of their teeth development.

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