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After our holiday to Coombe mill my eldest daughter is desperate to go on holiday again. She talks non stop about holiday and it was what she asked Father Christmas for. I think it is so lovely that our holiday has captured her so much that I wanted to create something special for her to remember it by.

I was provided with a code for a CEWE photo book and decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to create something for her. I compiled a collection of our favourite photos and one from each of the different activities we had done, then downloaded the photo world software.

The software was easy to use and I arranged my photos into the photo book template. I had chosen a soft back book with a glossy cover, as I was creating this for my daughter I thought this would resemble more the books she was used to holding, a picture book. Whilst there were many options and sizes to choose from this seemed to be the best option for her.

I tried to fill the entire pages with photos so she could look through and remember her holiday, but also create her own story as she went along. It did not take me long to edit the photos and complete my order. I was impressed with the speed at which my order arrived and I could not wait to give the book to my eldest.

My eldest is over the moon with her book. She picks it up and creates her own stories as she looks through the pictures. I have even seen her showing the book to her sister and explaining to her what is happening. The photo book has had to with stand sticky fingers and the not so delicate page turning of a 3 year old, but so far the book still looks like new, which shows its quality. My eldest is very impressed with her CEWE photo book and I am so glad I've managed to create something for her to keep her holiday memories alive.

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