My Glisten Moment

Prior to our Cornish holiday my youngest had never had the need to wear Wellington boots.  She also never had the desire to put on her own shoes, well why would you really at 16 months?  Needless to say I was intrigued as to how she might find wearing boots.  

Our first day we spent all day outdoors, played with the animals on the farm and had lots of fun running around.  The second day we did the same, which meant on the third day I was awoken to the following:

putting on boots

My youngest daughter awake bright and early, in her PJ trying to put on her own Wellington boots.  I love how excited she was to be on holiday, how she could not wait to get outside to play, how she had an urgency to explore and play with her sister.  Well who can blame her really when you have an entire beach to run around on and a sister to play with.

exploring the beachrunning free on the beach

This to me is my Glisten moment as it truly shows how much enjoyment she was having on holiday and how she wanted to be outside and experience new things.  That and the photo I took of the girls deciding where to visit on our next holiday

Girls picking a holiday from map

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