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About 6 months ago I was incredibly pleased to be selected by pushchair trader to be one of their living with testers. I have so far had the Cosatto Supa for 4 months and am thoroughly enjoying taking part in the living with tester program. If you would like to see how I have got on you can read about it here.

The Cosatto Supa has two forms. The first, the Supa, is what this review will cover and is a single seat umbrella fold stroller. The second, the Supa Dupa, is a twin side by side version of the single Cosatto Supa. I won't be covering the Supa Dupa in this review, as although I have seen them and had a quick look, I have not tested one thoroughly. The Supa Dupa does contain all the same great features as the Supa, only doubled and I have seen that the fold is the same as the Supa.

I unboxed the Cosatto Supa and was pleasantly surprised that it could be used straight away. The girls had to have a go. What I particularly liked was that the amount of waste was minimal and I could fit it into my hand, the box I recycled.

Supa waste

The Cosatto Supa is packed full of features. There is a cup holder which can be placed on either the right or left side of the stroller. The holder is easily removed and added on should you wish. This is a rather handy feature for me, especially when out and about. The Cosatto Supa has a large pocket on the back of the hood, which easily fits a packet of baby wipes. Often for quick trips out I don't take a bag and put my essentials in the pocket. The Cosatto Supa perhaps is also a technology pushchair, as it has a speaker in one pocket, allowing you to connect a device and play music to your child. This is great for those babies who would need white noise or a similar song to fall asleep. In addition to this the Cosatto Supa also features a pocket with a clear window. The window faces the child and the pocket is just the right size to fit an iPad/tablet into.

The hood is easily removable, and can be extended to provide additional shade if needed, the zip ensures the hood can be put away neatly. The Cosatto Supa has two separate handles, rather than the solid bar handle, which although not adjustable are at a great height. The handles on the Cosatto Supa are also really well padded giving a really comfy grip. I love the little details on the Cosatto Supa handles.

The shopping basket on the Cosatto Supa is rather large for a stroller and is easily accessible, although when the seat is fully reclined it can be a little trickier to get larger items in. The Cosatto Supa has a five point safety harness, which features padded shoulder straps. Both my girls enjoy sitting in the Cosatto Supa which must suggest the seat is comfortable for them. There is also a foot rest. A great feature is that the seat is incredibly easy to lie flat, and is suitable from birth, so can be adjusted whilst my daughter was asleep without waking her up.
Asleep in the Supa

I have been able to push the Cosatto Supa one handed, although not the easiest of things to do it is possible. What I really like though is that I have not yet found a terrain that the Cosatto Supa struggles on. I have took the Cosatto Supa even on the beach, I simply locked the front wheels and had no problems at all. As the Cosatto Supa is also light weight to push it is also perfect for out and about and nipping in places.

There are also some other clever features on the Cosatto Supa. One of which is the ability to stand upright when folded. This also means the Cosatto is easy to unfold one handed. It is also possible to fold the Cosatto Supa one handed. Once unfolded, the carry handle for the Supa is at just the right height for my three year old daughter to hold. She holds this as its ' her special handle' and it means I know she is safe when we go out.

The Cosatto Supa really does come with everything you need. Even a rain cover and cosy toes! What's more because it is a Cosatto you even get a 4 year guarantee. The Cosatto Supa comes in a range of wonderful patterns. The Supa is certainly super, and a great light stroller for everyday use.

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