Ice cream bread

We were recently set a challenge by Kelly's of Cornwall Ice cream to get the kid's creative in the kitchen with ice cream.  We decided to make ice cream bread.  Now before everyone says 'Ice cream bread' in a Peter Kay style, it actually is really easy to do and tastes amazing.

Ingredients : 

Ice cream
Self Raising flour


1. Preheat the oven to 180C, 350F Gas mark 4
2. Choose your flavour ice cream, this will determine the flavour of the bread.  We used vanilla.

scoop ice cream

3. Melt the ice cream

melting the ice cream

4. Measure the amount of ice cream
5. Now measure the same amount of self raising flour.  So 400ml melted ice cream = 400g flour.  Measure the melted ice cream and not frozen.
6.  Add any optional ingredients to the ice cream, for example toffee ice cream, you might want to add some toffee pieces.
7. Add the flour to the melted ice cream
8. Mix everything together to make a sticky dough.

mixing the dough

9.  We decided to make animal shapes, as the bread would be used for our animal theme birthday party.
10. Grease the tin/shapes/moulds and then place the dough into the moulds

dough into moulds

11. Place the tin/shapes/moulds into the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

Ice cream bread cooling

12. Enjoy your ice cream bread [although I would leave it to cool first]

Ice cream bread

Ice cream bread tastes a little like scone.  It proved to be a huge hit with everyone at our birthday party.  My girls have even asked to make some more!  It was really quick and simple to do and got the girls involved in the kitchen.

We were sent vouchers to buy a tub of Kelly's of Cornwall Ice cream in order to take part in this project. 

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  1. this looks so yummy! #twinklytuesday my boy is dairy intolerant but gonna try this with dairy free ice cream xx


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