Warming wet feet

Day 2 without the Dummy

Last night my youngest slept through, something she has never really done before.  She woke up at 6.30am, happy and smiling.  She came and gave me a cuddle as usual and we went for breakfast.  It was then she asked for her dummy.  I said all gone, showed her the tub where they used to be was empty and she proceeded to carry on as normal.  That was the only request all day, no mention for it at bed either.

I cannot believe how much my youngest chatters away.  She has never done this before, I think now the dummy has gone she is trying new words and sounds.  Her sentence structure is amazing, something else new she has started to do.  Her favourite phrase these past two days has been 'I don't know'.  The thing I love, now that she has not got that dummy in, is I can see her beautiful smile.  

We have had rather a busy day today.  The girls replanted their sunflowers as they had out grown their little pots.

Big sunflowersput in the soil

watering sunflowersstand up sunflowers

I then made the girls lunch.  Yes I cut out the cheese shapes myself.

fun themed lunch

Before we headed out to walk the dog.  What started out as a nice walk with the dog, soon turned into some rainy muddy fun!  Our dog has just figured out how to swim, and takes every opportunity to show off his new skill.  The girls decided to follow.

sister exploringstanding in the stream

Before joining in with digging a hole.  

digging with the dog

All this digging and swimming led to one thing, wet feet!  

very wet feet

J new found confidence with water has also led him to another new discovery, he can fish!

J fishing

Without that dummy in her mouth my youngest made an attempt at dandelion clocks, something she had never done before.

Readyblowoh dear

It might not have been a very successful attempt, but it was so lovely watching her try, followed by her chatting away.  We returned back to the car to go home, both girls took great pleasure in taking off their boots and socks so they could warm their feet in the sun coming through the window.

Warming wet feet

This day I love warming wet feet.

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  1. It's lovely when kids start coming out with new phrases, she looks like she is having so much fun :)

  2. She is looking so grown up since I saw her! Sounds like she is ready to move on to a new phase in life and bringing you joy all the way. Hurrah for a full night's sleep! Thankyou for joining me for Country Kids.

  3. Busy busy! Love her when shes on the mud and her boots are not worn =P Much fun like that me think =P #CountryKids

  4. Awwh the girls are beautiful as ever


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