Time it's such a funny thing.  There are times when we wish it would hurry up and times when we feel it drags.  I have been sat for a while wanting to write this post, waiting for the right time.  My time.  A time when I felt I could finally process the events of the past few months.

This year hasn't been easy.  

I had a rough time at work, which I am still not ready to talk about, followed by the passing away of my Granddad.  I moved jobs and was made redundant.  I remember that day:

7.20 - Alarm clock goes off
8.00 - Washed dressed and excited to continue with training, I check my watch
8.12 - I decided to slowly walk down the corridor to my colleagues room, we had agreed to meet at 8.15 for breakfast.
8.14 - I check watch again.  Deciding if to wait or to knock.  I knock.  I wait.
8.15 - We head down to breakfast.
8.30 - Training begins
8.50 - My manager calls me out of training.  My instinct wondering what is happening, then I recognise the coat and bag in the room as belonging to the HR manager.  My instinct kicks in and I know what is coming.
9.00 - I check my watch again, wondering how much longer I am going to be kept waiting.  I know what is coming I have been through it numerous times before.

By 9.15 the news I had lost my job due to a downsize in team had been delivered and I was awaiting transportation to be taken home.  I checked my phone, no signal.  I checked my watch.  Over the next 45 minutes I kept checking my watch, wanting time to move quicker so I could get out and go home.  I just wanted to collect my thoughts.  I was in shock and just needed that time to me, to think.  At 10.01 I finally had signal and text my husband.

I cannot fault my manager or the HR manager who did everything they could to make things easier on me.  I could see on their faces it wasn't an easy thing to do and have no bad feelings towards them.  It is simply one of those things.

This new found time I now have, job hunting, processing the past few weeks, playing that day over and over has me in a mix of emotions on a hourly basis.  The one and only thing I am certain of is when 'Life gives you Lemons, make lemonade'.  

I am using this new found time to spend it with my girls.  They are in nursery less, so we get to play more.  I am focusing more on my blog and trying to improve my writing.  

I cannot believe how much my girls have grown up in the past nine months, since the last redundancy I went through.  My youngest talks, she is in the 'Me do it' phase and the 'No' phase.  These are both cute and testing at the same time.  My eldest starts school soon.  She is learning to read and write.  She is showing an increasing amount of interest in different languages, the days of the week and how to tell the time.  She asks almost constantly what the time is.  I have decided that for her birthday I am going to buy her a Snow White watch from The Watch Hut.

Without this new found time, I would be missing this moment in my girls lives.  Missing the opportunity to teach my eldest how to tell the time and watching my youngest gain her independence.  That is not to say I am not looking for work, I am.  For now though my suits hang in the wardrobe, my work watch is on the side and I am busy making lemonade.

There is a sponsored link in this post to the Watch Hut.  However the post is true and one which I wanted to write.

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  1. That sucks. I am sorry that you've gone through this again, but like you say, look on the bright side and enjoy the girls and their little personalities.


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