Thank you Cloud B

Dear Cloud B

We met back at the end of March and I wanted to say Thank you.  You gave me a Twilight Buddies Bunny to review for my youngest and I never realised how much I needed it until tonight.  You see my youngest recently gave up her dummy and whilst the days are no longer a problem, the nights were getting worse.

Most nights she would settle OK, but more frequently she would wake in the night.  She would wake screaming and be very unsettled.  The screaming would last for up to 2 hours and nothing would settle her.  She was looking for that comfort she used to get from her dummy.

Her comfort she has now found in her Twilight Buddy.  Her constant buddy that is always by the side of her bed.  One she can find in the night and turn her room from darkness into magical.  Her comfort in the dark.  The stars on her ceiling acting as a welcome distraction from her thinking about sleep.  Watching them as she drifts into a peaceful sleep.  Her rabbit.  Soft and cuddly, giving her that comfort she longs for in the dark.  

Thank you Cloud B, you have given my daughter that comfort she so desperately needed.  You have transformed her room into a magical and peaceful place for her to sleep.  For that I am truly grateful.

Cloud B

We were given a cloud B Bunny to review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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