Britmums Live 2014

I remember Britmums Live last year.  I was incredibly excited and spent most of the train journey bouncing.  This year was different, it felt different.  No longer one of the newbies and yet I felt new.  I felt like a fake, that I should not be going and I would not belong.  The fact that for the past 10 months I have not been as active on social media as I would have liked or given my blog as much attention as it deserved began to play tricks with my mind.  Accompanied with the guilt of having not read or commented on as many blogs as I used to, was and still is eating away at me.  I knew somewhere at some point in the event I would trip up and say something and would be given a response or look of don't you read my blog.

I was so lucky to be travelling to Britmums this year with my friend Lisa from Hollybobbs.  We talked things through and I realised that this needed to be the new start [or the kick start] I was looking for and so desperately needed.  We went to the hotel first and then proceeded to walk the 5 minutes to the venue.

I met Mummy Barrow, T, and her other half [for some reason I really want to write Mr T but I know that is not right] in the queue and everything seemed to disappear.  All those feelings of not belonging just went.  I began to relax and to look at the event as a new beginning.  

It was really lovely to see people again.  Lovely to have met in person Hannah from aNewaddition and to catch up with Claire Ninjakillercat who I fell like it is an eternity since we last saw each other.  I apologised to many about not joining in with Linkys, I will get there I promise.  I congratulated the winners of the BIBs and it was so lovely to see some of the amazing blogs I have read for so long win awards.  I did put my foot in it with WallyMummy, I hope she forgives me?

I do have a couple of Thank you I need to make

I want to say a huge thank you to Nadine, for helping me stick to my principal.  Also for taking part in mission Sand Bucket

nadine and me at Britmums Live

I wanted to thank the Highland Spring Country team for letting me have a chat and a picnic.

Highland Spring Country picnic

To James and the team at Butlins for not only having chocolate but for also entertaining the idea of chocolate Jenga!

James Butlins Chocolate Jenga

To all the sponsors, brands and the team at Britmums thank you once again for such an amazing two days.  I have learnt a lot

Britmums team having fun

Finally thank you to everyone I spoke to and all my blogging friends, especially Lisa.  I know I haven't been around much but that is all about the change.  You made me feel welcome and helped me to find my belief and passion again.  I left Britmums having learnt a lot, laughed a lot and with a whole new outlook.  I felt on top of the world

Feeling on top of the world

This Day I love Britmums Live 2014

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  1. It was fab to see you x
    Don't worry just blog for who you are x
    I have put my foot in of late and upset bloggers when I didn't mean to , hopefully one day they will see I was sorry, but for now I am getting myself better x

  2. It was lovely to meet you! I don't remember you putting your foot in it with me! And trust me, even if you did I'm not someone who is easily offended lol x I'm glad you came way inspired! Me too ;) xx

    1. Thanks, I am glad you are not offended. I really worry about upsetting people and really would not want to upset you. Was so great to finally meet you and congratulations again!

  3. It was such a great two days! My first BritMums and I was very much at the bouncing stage - I loved it! x

    1. Hopefully I will be at the bouncy stage again next year

  4. I'm glad that the weekend ended more positively for you than the beginning!

  5. I'm glad the weekend ended for you more positively than it started.
    It was my pleasure to do 'mission sand bucket!'
    See you next year!

    1. Thank you, and I am glad you were part of the mission too!


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