Shadows and mud

It has been a very wet weekend.  The rain has hardly stopped since Friday and the house is so cold we have had to put the heating on.  The girls did not sleep well last night, I think it was down to the cold and after a 4.45 am refusal to go back to sleep, today needed to be a relaxed day.

The wet weather did give us the perfect excuse to try out our shadow puppet kit.  The girls have been experimenting with shadows and noticing them more, so with it dark outside the opportunity was perfect.  I set up the theatre and a light and the girls took there seats ready for the show to start.

shadow puppet theatrethe shadow puppets lined upgirls ready to watch

We had been provided a great selection of puppets to use.  We could however have made our own from black card and a wooden stick, but I like these.  They were well made and came with a rather handy stand, meaning you could line up in order the puppets as you needed them for the story.

moving the puppetthe puppet show

I made up a story that related to the stories the girls already know, in order to get them to interact.  I moved the puppets to get the shadows to be bigger and smaller and experimented with using more than one puppet at a time.  The girls loved it and sat really still listening.  It was a lot of fun to interact this way.  After, I let the girls have a go themselves and showed them what happens to shadows as you move the object closer to the light.  The girls had a good look and put on their very own show.

choosing the puppets for the show

I tried to capture the show and them experimenting with the shadows by making them bigger and smaller, my camera kept loosing focus due to the dark room, so apologies for not the best video.

My youngest became fascinated with the light and started to wonder how shadows worked.

playing with light

It was really great watching them interact with each other as well as use their imagination to make up a story.

The girls loved the puppet show and we will be doing this again on another rainy day. 

Another good thing about rainy days, is that when the rain does stop [even if for a short amount of time] there are plenty of muddy puddles to explore.

Splashing in muddy puddles

This day I love Shadows and mud

Our Puppet kit was kindly sent to us from Swinton Insurance.  They have collaborated with Britain's got talent winners Attraction for their fantastic new advert.  The girls love watching this advert too and I think they are hugely talented.

The puppets and theatre were sent for review.  All words and opinions are my own. 

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