Our local council recently renovated the town hall and surrounding area.  In doing so they removed a short stay car park, maximum stay 1 hour and parked around 15 cars, and replaced it with some water fountains and seating.  I heard lots of people complain at the time about how our council tax money was being spent, but whenever I have driven past, night or day, there have always been people by the fountains.

I don't miss the car park, if I am truly honest there is plenty of short stay car parking near by.  I do love the fountains though, they create a real community feel to the town hall.  People come and sit on the benches and watch the fountains and I think it looks a lot better than before.

I took the girls to the fountains for the first time.  I knew they would like them but just wasn't quite prepared for how much and with hindsight should have taken some spare clothes.  

youngest in the fountainsEldest running in fountains

The girls watched the fountains change height and ran under the arches.  They watched and waited for them to start.  They began to get braver and more daring the more time we spent there.

The girls playing with the fountains

Both girls got soaked.  They did not want to stop playing with the fountains and they giggled the whole time.

Youngest being brave

It was lovely to watch them play together and a perfect way to cool down on a summer day.

This day I love fountains. 

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  1. I think the fountain is a much better idea than a carpark, people get to have fun and enjoy the area! We have one in our city centre and I can't wait to take C to play in it just like you have taken you two lovely daughters x
    popping over from

    1. They are so much fun to play with and the girls loved them

  2. What a great area for the community to gather and enjoy!


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